Dominant 7th chord formations are a little different. The principles are still
the same as a standard major chord formation but the 7th note is added
in. The 7th note played in a dominant 7th chord will be lowered ½ step.If
a C major scale is: C D E F G A B C, Root = C, 3rd = E, 5th = G, and 7th =Bb. The formula for this chord formation is R-3-5-7. If we have a four
note construct, a triad will still be the basic form in notation with an
additional tone, the 7th. This is incredibly
useful information as there are several larger chords that are used
frequently in music. I will dive into larger chord formations later.
Here are some of the common ways that these chords and notes will be
referred to. C7, D7, E7, F7, G7, A7, B7, Cdom7, Ddom7, Edom7,
Fdom7, Gdom7, Adom7, Bdom7. Dom = Dominant.


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